The Colonization Process

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Standards and Procedures for Admission of a Colony Into the Theta Xi Fraternity

1. It is Theta Xi Fraternity's policy to expand its number of chapters on an orderly basis by admitting membership to qualified local fraternities and colonies in strong and growing four-year universities and colleges throughout the United States and Canada which welcome national fraternities.

2. The Grand Lodge, by policy, has set the following as minimum standards which are to be met by a colony prior to being admitted as a chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity:

A. MEMBERSHIP. The Colony shall have at least 30 members or be competitive in size with other fraternities on campus.

B. ADVISOR. The colony shall have an advisor who is preferably a member of the faculty of the host institution.

C. SCHOLARSHIP. The scholastic average of the undergraduate members of the colony, as reported by the host institution, should be .2 above the all-male average during the time of inspection.

The colony shall develop and implement a written scholastic program which shall include minimum scholastic requirements for membership-in-good-standing, holding an office or committee chairmanship (as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws), and recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement.

D. FINANCES. The colony shall have an established budget and an accounting and reporting system which demonstrates its ability to plan, operate, and control its finances. All accounts of the colony shall be in good standing.

E. GROWTH PLAN. The colony shall have adopted and placed into operation a two year plan (beyond the proposed chartering date) for its evolution and growth which is designed to maintain operations above the minimum standards of membership.

F. FRATERNITY POLICIES. The colony shall abide by all policies of the Fraternity which shall include, but not be limited to: the National Constitution and Bylaws, the Statements of Position, and the Risk Management policy. Demonstration of compliance with each shall be required at the time of inspection.

G. FRATERNITY PROGRAMS. The colony shall implement all Fraternity programs. It shall strictly adhere to any programs mandated by a Convention or the Grand Lodge. This shall include, but not be limited to: Alpha Nine.

H. ALUMNI RELATIONS. The colony shall have prepared newsletters about its development, activities, progress, and other items of interest to alumni. Such newsletters shall have been published at least once each year and preferably once each academic term. Distribution should have been to all Theta Xi alumni located within 100 miles of the colony, and, if the colony exists for the re-establishment of a Chapter, distribution should also include all alumni of that Chapter.

The colony shall be responsible for conducting a Founders Day event, in commemoration of the founding of Theta Xi Fraternity, which should include alumni participation.

I. SERVICE. The colony shall have participated annually in Theta Xi's National Philanthropy Projects (Multiple Sclerosis and Habitat for Humanity) and shall have participated in at least one other active community service program during each school year.

J. CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT. At least a majority of the colony members shall be participating in other campus activities (not including intramural sports) besides Theta Xi.

K. INTRAMURAL SPORTS. The colony shall have participated, as a team, in at least two intramural sports each academic term.

L. NATIONAL & REGIONAL MEETINGS. The colony shall have been represented by at least four delegates at each regional and at least two delegates at each national gathering conducted during its colonization period.

3. When an Inspection Committee is required by the National Constitution and By-Laws, its membership shall include three initiated members: the Executive Director or another representative of the National Headquarters Staff and at least two of the following:

A. If proximity and schedule permit, the Regional Director or the Assistant Regional Director of that region.

B. If proximity and schedule permit, a member of the Grand Lodge.

C. If proximity and schedule permit, a local active alumnus.

D. If proximity and schedule permit, a representative of a local undergraduate chapter.

The Fraternity, by policy, shall assist colonies and local fraternities in meeting the Fraternity's standards.

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Approved by the Grand Lodge of Theta Xi Fraternity on August 28, 1969, and revised on March 10, 1984; August 7, 1992; and May 30, 1998.
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Theta Xi welcomes interested groups of qualified college men into exploring the prospect of opening up a new colony or resurrecting a closed chapter.